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Exlusivity at Play Bouzouki : "JIMA WINERY"

The Greek wine house JIMA offers 4 varieties exclusively for us in Belgium! 3 exceptional red wines as well as an equally exceptional white one.

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Let us introduce you to JIMA WINERY, a renowned Greek winery known for the quality of its products. Nestled in the hills of the Epirus region, the Jima family has been cultivating grapes for generations to create wines that reflect the richness and diversity of the region's terroirs.

JIMA WINERY's wines are the result of a blend of tradition and modernity. The winery uses environmentally friendly and health-conscious winemaking techniques while still preserving the ancient methods of production.

The result is a portfolio of elegant, flavorful, and authentic Greek wines that Play Bouzouki is proud to offer exclusively throughout Belgium. Restaurant customers can now discover exceptional wines that enhance the Mediterranean dishes offered by the restaurant.

At JIMA WINERY, each bottle tells a unique story about the terroirs and vineyards that gave birth to the wine. Their cuvées reflect the Jima family's love for Greek land and culture, as well as their commitment to quality and authenticity.

We are confident that JIMA WINERY's wines will appeal to wine lovers, gastronomy enthusiasts, and anyone curious to discover the richness of Greece through its products.

We invite you to come and discover JIMA WINERY's wines at Play Bouzouki in Brussels, where you can enjoy these exceptional wines with delicious Mediterranean dishes offered by the restaurant.

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