Let yourself go to the sound of Greek music...

Our concept

We will serve you our specialties in a typical brasserie setting where everyone will find their happiness as the cuisine is diverse to adapt to all tastes but also to your allergies.

We will welcome you on our brand new outdoor terrace for your business meals or family dinners (weddings, communions, baptisms, birthdays ...) up to 100 people.

For your banquets we compose special menus according to your wishes and budgets.

Our catering service, which offers you to take away all the dishes on our menu, as well as our homemade Greek pastries, is also available 6 days a week.

Play Bouzouki: your best favorite Greek restaurant!

Our story

In the beginning... It all started in 1978...

Tolis settled in the Alexandre Le Grand restaurant at the Saint Gilles barrier.

Since the age of 14, Tolis was already attracted to catering and worked as a student in restaurants.

Over time, this attraction turned into a real passion for gastronomy.

First case...

In 1978, the former owners of the Alexandre Le Grand restaurant offered Tolis and his wife, whom they considered family, to take over the establishment.

Done, he immediately carried out work to expand by taking over a small Chinese on the side and adding a banquet hall upstairs.

The success was there from the first day of opening! Full rooms, typical Greek dances every evening, festive atmosphere, regular customers, personalized room service….in short, everything we loved, everything we love and everything we will always love!

The great classics were already on the menu and have never left the menu of the future Tolis restaurant over time...

Restaurant Play Bouzouki

Tolis kept the Saint Gilles restaurant until 1998 when he took over the Greek restaurant from his uncle Toni in 1994.

A team for 4 years of 50 people, hundreds of satisfied customers, tons of goods, thousands of liters of wine but always the same passion for Greek gastronomy.

1994, start of work at Play Bouzouki to transform a small courtyard into a superb terrace, installation of new toilets on the ground floor for the comfort of customers.

A new menu followed in order to offer a selection of dishes that could satisfy all its customers by adding traditional dishes of French cuisine such as duck breast, ham, mussels….

In 1998, Tolis withdrew from Saint Gilles, to the great despair of the inhabitants of the district (but who quickly came to the new address), to devote himself fully to his new baby: Le Play Bouzouki in Sint Pieters Leeuw (next to the IKEA and Coca Cola factories).

This was followed in the early 2000s by a magnificent scale bench.

Tolis Delicatesse

It was in 2007 that the typical Greek pastry workshop “Tolis Délicatesse” was born.

Tolis entrusted this magnificent workshop directly to his son Spyros to concretize his insatiable thirst for gastronomy.

In 2018, part of the Play Bouzouki restaurant was devoted to the installation of a store of fine Greek products such as wines and spirits, organic teas and coffees, Greek pasta, cheeses.

In perpetual motion, these two generations of enthusiasts pursue the story of a lifetime...

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